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Advocacy for Sustainability, a Green Economy  and Responsible Recycling throughout America


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Air, Land & Water
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Environmental, Health and Safety
Sustainability and a Green Economy

Environmental Expert is a leading B2B marketplace,
professional network & information resource
that connects over 
1,000,000 global environmental professionals 
from the industry, government and research & development sectors
to more than 32,000 environmental companies & organizations 
that provide the products, services and information they need on a daily basis.


Featured Recycler
with a great goal...
"Help us reach our goal of 100,000,000 Million Pounds Recycled by 2020"


 Based in Minnesota, GLR adheres to the highest regulatory standards in the nation.
Since 1995 GLR has maintained a proven track record for responsible recycling and has kept over 91.5 Million pounds of Universal and Special Waste out of landfills. GLR’s goal is to keep over 100,000,000 Million pounds of waste out of landfills by 2020.  GLR offers HIPAA and FACTA compliant computer hard drive destruction.
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A special request by The Girl Scout Troop from Colorado
"Good news; it is simple to start going green at home by taking a few small steps in the right direction.  How to make a difference in the world on an individual level"

How To Reduce Waste and Save Money at Home

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Thank You Susan and Kate from California
For practicing, working hard and helping others to
"incorporate sustainability into our everyday lives" and
the helpful link "A Complete Guide to Composting for Kids"
A Complete Guide to Composting for Kids

A Thank You and suggestion from
The Environmental Club at Colonial Academy
"This article discusses ideas on how to reduce plastic waste in schools"
How To Reduce Plastic Waste

A Special Report: Turning Up The HeatII

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